Registration open for Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2014 at University of Victoria

Registration open for Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2014 at University of Victoria

Posted on behalf of the University of Victoria and Steering Committee member Jentery Sayers:

We are pleased to announce that registration for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (June 2-6th 2014, University of Victoria) is now open. This year, we're offering 27 courses ranging from old favourites to exciting first-time ventures. We hope that you might join us in participating in a week long training workshop, as well as morning and afternoon colloquia, lunchtime unconferences, and keynote lectures led by Aimee Morrison (UWaterloo) and Alex Gil (Columbia U).  Tuition scholarships are available for students, and HASTAC members can register at a discounted cost of $300.00 for students and $650.00 for non-students (for registration before April 1st 2014). 


DHSI 2014 courses include: 

1. Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application 

2. Digitisation Fundamentals and their Application 

3. Fundamentals of Programming/Coding for Human(s|ists) 4. Understanding the Pre-Digital Book

5. DH For Department Chairs and Deans

6. Advanced TEI Concepts

7. TEI Customization

8. A Collaborative Approach to XSLT

9. Electronic Literature in the Digital Humanities: Research and Practice 

10. Feminist Digital Humanities: Theoretical Social and Material Engagements

11. Geographical Information Systems in the Digital Humanities 

12. Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities 13. Physical Computing and Desktop Fabrication for Humanists 

14. Augmented Reality: An Introduction 15. The Sound of Digital Humanities :: Sound in the Digital Humanities

16. Visual Design for Digital Humanists

17. Cultural Codes and Protocols for Indigenous Digital Heritage Management 

18. Digital Humanities Databases 

19. Data Math Visualization and Interpretation of Networks: An Introduction

20. Understanding Topic Modeling 

21. RDF and Linked Open Data 

22. Drupal for Digital Humanities Projects

23. Out-of-the-Box Text Analysis for the Digital Humanities 

24. Games for Digital Humanists

25. Conceptualising and Creating a Digital Documentary Edition 

26. CWRCShop 

27. ARC or the Advanced Research Consortium 


For more information, to register, or to apply for a tuition scholarship, please go to Make sure to register with a HASTAC discount code (HASTAC-Student or HASTAC-Non-student) to receive your membership discount. We look forward to learning, making, and sharing with you at DHSI 2014!

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I will be a first time attendee. So many relevant courses, it was hard to decide which one to sign up for. I finally decided on "Programming/Coding for Human(s|ists)."  Comments, anyone? I'm also just interested in hearing who else will be there.