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MOOC Production Values: Brush up on Video

I wrote a piece examining video production techniques employed by three MOOCs, with an eye on complexity and approachability.  While these early professors were supported by their organizations, the techniques employed are not out of the reach of everyday teachers.  The summation is a question:  will such production methods spawn a broad base of online materials?

Many of those who have taught MOOCs suggest that smaller online courses will become the bigger force in education.  In order to do so, the production side of the equation needs to addressed.  And, these are the early days.  Simply producing short video segments is far cheaper than hiring professional illustrators or developing video game-like simulations.

Or, is it sufficient for teachers to simply point to online resources?

I was deeply impressed by the open-source approach by each of the professors.  They want others to use their experience.  Keith Devlin's journal, Dan Russell (and Google's) Course Builder and Steve Blank's curriculum are amazing resources for anyone interested in online learning.




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