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From a Free Software Movement to a Free Safety Movement

This is a call to all feminist hackers, anti-racist coders, gender hackers, genderchangers, queer hackers, political hackers and networked activists to help stop violence against queer and trans* people, people of color, and women.

Many forms of daily violence: sexual, gender and racial, and state-sponsored (committed by police) are only increasing. As global warming, neoliberalism, and neocolonialism continue, more and more people are subject to violence on a daily basis due to social instability. This is a call to people to acknowledge that the Internet era has not brought more safety but less. This is a call to say we need more people hacking safety. Why do we have better software to share pictures of lunch than we do to keep each other safe?

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Micha, this is really great. Have you seen the Summer Youth Competition that is part of DML5? It raises some similar questions and aims to help young people address issues of online safety, security, and civic engagement.

"Based on the principles of Connected Learning—learning that is equitable, social, and participatory—Project:Connect Summer Youth Programs will give young people hands-on experience creating, testing, and investigating ways to make using the web a better place to learn, connect, make, contribute, and share."

Maybe you or someone you know would be interested in applying for a grant to do a teen workshop or hackathon around this? Possibly even a performance series, seminars, or a digital publication.

Here's more info:


Hi Ruby, thanks! I hadn't seen this. The only problem is that I'm already doing a workshop in Berlin until August. Do you know if the hackathon for this competition can be only in September? Or is the idea to provide a program that is july-sept? Or do you know who to contact to ask? thank you!



Hi Micha,

The Competition that's open right now is for summer programming for youth in the US - more details are available at - but you can also stay tuned for a later Open Competition on Digital Tools for Democracy, which will be announced on June 17, 2013 (via all our HASTAC and DML channels).