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HASTAC 2013 - Innovation as Activism: Ideas for Libraries

HASTAC 2013 - Innovation as Activism: Ideas for Libraries

At HASTAC 2013, I presented on the panel "Innovative Identity: Activism in Libraries and Archives" with Melissa Villa-Nicholas.

My specific talk focused on how libraries can reframe the idea of activism--specifically, I advocate for moving away from thinking of activism as purely reactive to instead thinking of activism as innovating proactively in terms of library collections, services, and spaces. I also emphasized that we shouldn't let exploring new collections fall under the shadow of technology trends (like makerspaces, for instance). Technology doesn't have to be the be-all and end-all of library innovation, though it's a vital part of what we can provide to communities.

I love the idea of broadening people's conception of what the library can and should be. I hope my slides help convey this. You can view them here:




Thanks for posting this, Brianna. I've taken the liberty of directly embedding your presentation and adding your post to the Authority Control: Information and Library Science group, where I thought others would be interested.

Feel free to roll back my revision or just contact me if the changes are not OK.


Thanks so much Ruby! I planned on doing that but it completely slipped my mind :)


Hi Brianna - this is beautifully presented, and I can read through the narrative and walk away with great appreciation for what you've discovered.  I'm looking forward to hearing more about your projects and ideas...




Thanks for this beautiful presentation, Brianna.   


Thinking ahead to activisms and ways of making alliances among activists:  I would love to reach out to libraries to have "History and Future of Higher Education" classes based, informally, in libraries, as part of groups rethinking peer learning, community learning, and all forms of new, interactive thinking and making and planning and doing and building together.  I'm using the Coursera platform to build out Forums where we can think creatively about these ideas.  Pass this along to your community if you can.


And, in the meantime, thanks for such a beautiful and inspiring presentation.