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HASTAC Poetry Competition!

HASTAC Poetry Competition!

HASTAC's magnetic poetry kits have all the jargon you need to spice up that dissertation or fundraising proposal. This week during the HASTAC 2013 Conference, we're having a contest to see who can compose the best* poetry.

Here's how to play:

  1. Use the magnetic poetry kit in your HASTAC Conference registration packet (or use the kit you got from us at the Digital Media and Learning Competition).
  2. Find a magnetic surface and start composing!
  3. Take a picture of your poem and upload it with the hashtag #HASTACpoetry to the social media service of your choice or to
  4. Make sure we've seen your entry by either posting on our Facebook page, Tweeting at @HASTAC, or submitting the permalink with the form below by Wednesday, May 1.  

Submissions will be collected and published with Storify, and winners will be announced here on

Here's an example for inspiration. (Click to enlarge.)

* "Best" may be in the eye of the beholder. Try to be amusing, enlightening, or entertaining.

Use this link if form does not appear above.



Hi Ruby,

I love poetry! I wish I could have attended the HASTAC conference. Maybe someday in the future. Can you share the words? I wanted to make a virtual poem. With my students, I use the Read, Write, Think Word Mover site by the International Reading Association and it is really fun. Here's the link for other HASTAC friends who may want to make a virtual poem to contribute:

I was going to attempt to make a poem and then take a screen shot. I thought it would be fun!! Thanks!!

Mechelle : )


Hi Mechelle,

So glad you're interested in participating! I've shared a Google doc with the words.



We've got some great poems written by HASTAC staff and people dropping by our table at HASTAC 2013. Here's a slideshow from Flickr:


Cool!! Thank you Hilary and Ruby!! : )


I'm extending the deadline so folks just getting home from Tornonto (like me) will get a chance to play with their poetry kits.

Need inspiration? Here are the submissions so far:

A winner will be chosen on Friday afternoon (EDT) so get your poems (or prose) in soon.


Cool!! Here's my poem!! I haven't done poetry in a while!! I forgot how much fun it is!! Cheers!! : )