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Seeking Feedback: Evernote, Diggo, Delicious?


Hey HASTACers,

I'm working on an overseas collaborative project that requires us to place and access documents we encounter on the web in a single location. I think of the object we'll be creating as a password-protected "Internet archive," but that might not be the correct or most useful term. In any case, we've discussed using Evernote for this pupose, or perhaps Diggo or Delicious. I've tested none of these programs yet, so your feedback will be really helpful here.   

A few questions:

-- What has been your experience using these tools? Do you recommend one over the others? 

-- Is there an application I'm not thinking about that might better serve our purposes?

Background info that might be helpfiul: we're a group of ~10 people split between the US and the UK. We've got Google Docs in place for the collaborative writing, but no place as of yet to store the various bits of Internet research we find.

As always, your thoughts are very much appreciated!


Don Rodrigues 




Are you actually placing the document ITSELF in a central place? If so, dropbox.

Are you just bookmarking and tagging? If so, do you need tag clouds or a group blog post? You can make private groups on Diigo for this. We do this for the Flat Classroom and NetGenEd projects and that works well.

Are you just wanting a shared notebook where people put things? You can use evernote but it doesn't allow simultaneous editing and not a lot of aggregation. 

I wouldn't use delicious, it doesn't have the group tools. You can make private groups in Diigo.

Hope this helps.


for your feedback, Vicki. Sorry for not being clearer. We're basically looking to create a single file (or "notebook" as you refer to it) that contains weblinks and other content (i.e., excepts of texts, photos, videos, etc). No need for tag clouds or blogs. 

Based on your feedback, it sounds like Evernote might be the best tool. I'll give it a whirl and see if it works. Thanks again!