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Feminist Scholars Workshop

Hi All:

Is anyone who is working on feminist scholarship interested in "getting together" over the summer to share work, give feedback, and exchange ideas?  If folks are interested, I'm thinking we could set up a google hangout to chat about our work and then follow that up by exchanging drafts/manuscripts/articles-in-progress, etc. 

Lori Beth 



I think it's a great idea. Do you want to send an email to our listerv to guage interest there? We can make a private group on HASTAC too, to share documents and comment, etc. That way we can share our documents without relying on email, and without making it public. Of course, we can still use Google Hangout for chats. 


Hi Fiona,

Thanks for the recommendation; I'll send out an email to the listserv shortly!  

Lori Beth 


afafter productivity during sabbatical, this last academic year has felt like SNAILs pace. Of course I'm totally happy to #writeinpublic but I can still do both right?