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Digital Humanities Startup Costs

I'm trying to get a a sense of how much it costs to get a small scale DH lab up and running at a liberal arts college. What's essential? And, what are people's thoughts on shared computers? For instance, having a media commons open to all students, but with software like Oxygen on it?



Thanks for the great article, Timothy!  I agree that low-cost, open-source tech and software can do a lot.  TILE classrooms at UIowa include a lot of the resources you mention--and the round tables and white boards are just as valuable to collaborative learning as the interconnected screens.  I think they're a great "dream space."  But, my must-have gadgets for multimedia authoring are iPods.  With a $5 tripod, an iPod becomes a mini recording studio for students to make videos and upload directly to Youtube for editing.  For $500, I have three that can rotate between groups.