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Facebook Rots Your Brain

It is a SCIENTIFIC fact. Facebook rots your brain. Here are three articles that prove it, beyond a shadow of a doubt:

(1) Facebook and other social networking sites make you so transfixed by the digital that you never, ever see another human again and loneliness, despair, and depression cause . . . cancer!


(2) Too much Facebook shrinks your brain and, if you start too early, Facebook use causes autism. (And this is proven by the fact that there is a world-wide epidemic of autism now. We've wondered about the cause of this tragedy. Now, we know. It's Facebook. That's some good logic for you.)


(3) Facebook is so addictive that you, like this poor addict in the third article, steal other peoples' laptops in order to check your Facebook page . . . and from Starbucks, no less.


Plus a bonus fourth report on the neuroscientist-baronness's complaint against Facebook: 


Oh, the tragedy of social networking in our time. Oh, the sorrow and the pity.

We must unite.

We must stop this global tragedy. Now.

We are the world. We are the children.



Special thanks to Flickr community member avixyz for this image. (Click on the image for full documentation.)


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The Mind Hacks blog covered this topic as well in this post wherein "[Greenfield] admits there is no evidence but then goes on to warn of the dangers". Umm, what?
The last link in the Mind Hacks blog post is to Ben Goldacre's post on his blog Bad Science where he provides the references he promised in the BBC video interview (available from links in both blog posts).