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Thoughts from a DH Impostor

Hey everyone--

My name is Brianna, also known as Bri. I’m a grad student at Indiana University pursuing a Master’s in Library Science and a Master’s in Information Science. My main focus is digital libraries and digital archives but pretty much anything related to libraries and technology falls within my realm of interest. I currently work for the IU Digital Library Program as Project Assistant for the Avalon Media System, an open-source video management system. I also work in the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center, where I’m surrounded by big data and network analysis tools, and the Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, where I manage digital projects in the Digitization Lab. I love my jobs and I love to stay busy. I fit classes and blogging at Not So Stern Librarian and HackLibSchool in there somewhere.

I should confess: I am not a digital humanist. Like the title of this post indicates, sometimes I feel like the digital humanities impostor mentioned in Abby Mullen's post last week. I am fascinated by the rapid growth of DH but I’m not sure where I fit in--I’ve so often felt like a kid pressing my face against the glass, looking in on DH stuff but not knowing how to engage. I attended DHSI this past June and realized how much I had to learn from the DH community. I really am wildly curious about y’all, especially because my passion for digital projects means I may end up working heavily with digital humanists in the future.

I would say that my primary interest in HASTAC Scholars is to explore how libraries/archives/cultural institutions can help facilitate DH research. DH Centers are popping up in libraries all over the country and while I’m sure communications are happening between DH practitioners and librarians at a higher level, I haven’t come across a lot of communication between students in these groups. Why not? Let’s change that. As to what else you can expect me to talk about--I attend a fair amount of conferences and events, though most are primarily library-related. I’ll be sure to share anything relevant. To start, Fiona encouraged me to share this recent post on my experience at the HathiTrust UnCamp.

Are there any other (future) librarians/archivists/technologists out there?


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Hi Brianna! It's really great to hear about your interest in DH from a librarian's perspective. You and I are the types of people who will be good collaborators, I imagine. (In fact, if you feel like collaborating on an Omeka website about the navy, give me a holler! :)