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Response to "feminist trolling"

Response to "feminist trolling"


Good morning Amelia-Bandit, 
Loved this post! After reading it I realized that I already participate in feminist trolling tactics.

Here's my open letter to you:

1. It's true that feminists usually get trolled!  #sorryfeminists
An idea I had after reading this was that I do a lot of feminist trolling via texting, posting on listservs, forwarding listservs, DMing on twitter and forwarding tweets via text message. While trolling is usually associated with public internet discourse, I'd like to think that one-on-one trolling disruptions can really count as well. I read silent responses (and blank texts) as evidence of successful provocation. For example, I started this online reading group. I send out link roundups every few weeks with a little bit of commentary to my close network. I think it's sassy! Disruptive! Fun! but NO ONE. EVER. WRITES. BACK. This confirms that I am fem trolling, right?

2. Fake it till you make it [low]. 
The response to your trolly tweet was 'back-patting' to hedge potential beef and that was disappointing to me. Gender is culture, yo! Read any chapter in "This Fine Place So Far From Home" (1995) to boot. Perhaps, trolly tweets might be exemplars of low theory. For Halberstam, low theory is about explaining levels of discourse to different audiences (read: outside the academy). But what happens when you have to explain academic discourse to trained academics at the same time?? Some day someone will write a dissertation about the prevalence of "Fake it till you make it" in structured and unstructured graduate student corridor talk and how this carries over into early career mentorship. The ubiquity of this phrase in the humanities, social and natural sciences has got me thinking it has something to do with identity. 

3. Creeping as Feminist Trolling
Another angle worth exploring might be creeping as a form of FT. I totally creep feminist tumblrs and fashion message boards (WAYWT threads mostly). I've seriously been lurking some people's blogs and LJs for years. Y-E-A-R-S. It's the worst feeling when you meet someone in person and you can't say, "I read your blog….all of it." On one hand, it's acceptable to profile stalk on FB (this is what it's for), on the other, it sounds weird when you say, "I've read all 19K of his tweets," out loud. It seems to say more about your consumption habits than someone's writing output. This is some twisted trade-off of prosumption and social media I guess.

What are you wearing today?

Prediction: accounts of this strangeness (comprehensive creeping) will one day be written and then become fem troll lore.

4. "A Wide Range of Emotions" ...
I think you meant to say, "Jil Sander's TRIUMPHANT return." I know we all have BTTD (like writing up research!) than to complaining about the blowback from Jil's comeback. But can I just say that I RT'd WWD's reporting on Jil like 5 times during fashion week and didn't hear a peep from anyone! 

Jil Sander Spring 2013

Sander is frequently trolled for being, "distant and unemotional" in her fashion today, just as before Raf (incidentally, Raf is often credited for bringing some "femininity" to her label #thankyouverymuch). Interestingly, many reviews of Reset to Zero said that it takes up exactly where she left off (So she can stop time as well!).  Granted, Jil took a lot of heat for that $630 couture lunch bag, but whatever, I love it and it's what Lowthorpe calls "Wearable futurism"

So with that, I move to rename Reset to Zero >>> "cyberprep" 
Who's with me?

Let's start a feminist /b/ section on BTTD?

Amelia-di Gio





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