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Best wiki tools for e-learning?


Hi all, I am seeking your expertise!

I am searching for a good wiki tool to use for an online graduate course.  Currently, we are using the very basic Sakai wiki tool, however it has a bit of a learning curve for students and we cannot easily export the comments that are attached to the wiki.  So I am looking for a wiki that is easy to use for posting and has the ability to export threaded comments associated with the wiki.  Does anyone know of a wiki tool that has these features? 




Hi Andi,

At Georgetown we use the Wikispaces (which has all of the features you are looking for) , here is a link to some examples and descriptions. 

Hope that helps!




The wiki Georgetown is using is beautiful, but it looks like they spent quite a bit of money on it....does anyone know of a lower cost or free wiki tool that still is able to do all of these things?  We just want to use it with one course with about 20 students....$1,000 is too much!



Actually Wikispaces is free, and you can even get an upgrade to an ad-free version by telling them that you are using it for educational purposes. In my experience they interpret educational fairly broadly.


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