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Locating Technoscience reader

A group of geographers have posted a reader on technoscience, called "Locating Technoscience".

From their 'cover':

"The aim of this reader is to introduce and contextualise a series ofarticles on the geographies of contemporary science and technology. Thereadings offer a partial, but we hope engaging entry point to thisresearch, and we hope it will generate further discussion. Part of amore general ?spatial turn? in the social sciences, there has been agrowing dialogue between Geographers and those in Science andTechnology Studies (STS) interested in the geographies oftechnoscience. This work has drawn attention to the way that spacematters in the production of science and technology; the implicationsof the circulation of expertise and materials in the situating ofscience and technology; as well as the importance of locating theeffects of technoscience in their social, cultural, economic andpolitical context."


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Thanks for this, Matt.