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recording speeches

Hi guys - 

I'm currently finalizing my Public Speaking syllabus. What I'm running up against is a problem of how to record their speeches. In the past we've required them to buy VHS tapes and then we recored them on tje in-house system. But problems with the recording system and the students' lack of motivation in going to the library to watch their performances, have hampered the whole process. 

Some TAs have had the students record speeches at home and then upload them to a private YouTube channel, but I am really trying to stress the "public" in speaking and would rather they perform them live in front of an audience.  Personal laptops don't always have the sound quality needed to do great playback.  

So I'm wondering if any of "youse guys" (to get all Chicago on you) have any ideas?



Anonymous (not verified)

recording them during the actual presentation with an audience and then posting them on YouTube. After they are all online, have them write a two-page reflection on themselves and on another that they observed as an audience member both offline and online.



Hi Steven - 

Thanks for the comment! I think what you've hit on is what can happen after the speech is recorded, but what I am trying to figure out is a way to record the speech in the first place, given the technical problems we seem to have at the school. I'm looking for any kind of "patch" that could help me facilitate the recording process with good sound and video quality but would eliminate the need for external materials such as VHS tapes.


Anonymous (not verified)

Have you looked into buying a Flip camera? It is about $100 for the top of the line one and about $60 for the starter and are really small and compact. My dad says the camera is a great way to record something and the quality is really good.