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Notice. Dream. Connect. Do.

"What is not started today is never finished tomorrow."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~

The CSU Digital Media and Learning Workgroup met again today and began discussing possible directions for the group. Possible directions and research designs were discussed for the group, such as collaboratively conducting a review of DMAL literature and perhaps engaging in some kind of meta-analysis. Examining different disciplines, in regards to DMAL, was considered but the conversation later became centered on learning as an ecosystem, on matching students with expert tutors, and the individualized and socialized nature of twenty-first century learning.

A four-point model was mentioned, the simplicity of which to my lights is brilliant, to perhaps measure a learner's success. The first phase of the model focuses on what a learner notices. I understand this to entail the observable material conditions of a subject matter that someone wishes to learn more about, whether it's algebra, roller coaster design, or the Prince by Machiavelli. Secondly, what dreams, hopes, aspirations does the learner have and what expectations? Most importantly, in many respects, is connecting the student with the right resource(s) and the right "expert tutor" or mentor. And, then, the teacher must provide the student the space and the time to set out to do it and learn the material.

So: Notice. Dream. Connect. Do. Got it!

I already see that I do this subconsciously. I think students do too. However, teaching students to go through these steps more explicitly I suspect will help them in the objective of becoming critical thinkers and informed citizens. This is one of our goals as educators, isnt it? In fact, I think I am going to write the four words (notice, dream, connect, do) tomorrow on the white board for my composition students. We are talking about synthesizing and are working on an editorial assignment. I'm going to ask them what they are noticing, what they might be dreaming about while noticing, emphasize the importance of connection, and encourage them to do the assignment. I was going to write some Hegelian sentence about thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. I think "notice, dream, connect, do" might make more sense. Don't you?

I wont keep saying over and over how excited it makes me to be a part of this group in my upcoming blog posts, but I am excited. Alas, I said excited twice in the last sentence and once in this one. I might as well make the one word poetic fragment to help get the excitement out. Excited. Does two plus two equal five? Who said poetic English types can't do math?




hegelianism - why would you leave that out... some crave that.. :)


thanks for coming to the lab today. the kids loved you.


don't worry...they get hegel...i wouldn't leave out hegel for the could i?

after a long discussion on wednesday about thesis, antithesis, and synthesis i sent them a link to help them better understand the concepts. i suggested they could go read hegel if they wanted to, but i doubt any really did...

i talked to one of my professors and he summed up hegel as thesis is "this is what it is," the antithesis is "when the thesis doesn't understand itself," and the synthesis is when "it's fixed..." But it's never really fixed, he told me, now is it...

Thanks for reading...



Love this post.  If you keep making me LOL I am going to keep returning to your posts. 

NICE work Scholar ADAM




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interesting bit of post. love to c u in the lab.....