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Where is HASTAC?

I work for HASTAC, and our offices are anchored in real institutions. But HASTAC is a network of networks: how do we describe the 'where' of a virtual network? A few weeks ago I wrote about our intern, David, who helped me "create a  database of conferences, calls for proposals, fellowships, and scholarships that functioned as a loose guide to the international and national network of disciplines that think alike (or think across?) in the way that HASTAC does."

HASTAC has News and Events that feature this content, and people can and do create RSS feeds to stay up with the latest entries. But I want something more from this new database of information. I want it to perform as a function of HASTAC identity. Everywhere HASTAC networks interact helps to describe what HASTAC is. Done well, then, the information that you sought for its utility would also show the dynamic and ever-shifting edges of HASTAC.

People who network through HASTAC attend MLA, IEEE, PDF, ISTE; they attend digital humanities conferences and Maker Faires. They go to ComiCon and Picnic, and ACM Siggraph. They are at AoIR and ASIST, AERA, gaming expos and the Digital Media and Learning Conference. They were here in Durham, NC for our Peer-to-Peer Pedagogy Workshop. Where else does HASTAC go? Where else could it go?

David and I did some work this summer, but HASTAC is in the midst of an RFP to redeploy our website. This means we need to shelf our long-term plans for a HASTAC Community Database (what else to call it?) until the time is right. For now, the compiled list of CFPs and Conferences is in a Google doc that anyone can edit or add to. Feel free to add your own HASTAC-type CFP, conference, or event, and show the HASTAC community where, in the offline world, the network networks.



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I just want to reiterate Sheryl's message that this Google Spreadsheet is just the beginning of a process around using and sharing this information. For now, you can add directly to the spreadsheet. In the near future, I will be putting together a landing page that combines a Google Form with a preview of the database itself.

In the longer term, we hope to combine this information with that in the News and Events sections of the site (which we know are suffering from serious uasbility problems right now). This will be waiting on our major site overhaul which will be going on this Fall. (For more information about our plans, see the RFP.)