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Check out Team KAIZEN on Kickstarter!

Team KAIZEN, an independent video game studio based out of Great Falls, Montana and one of the winners of the LittleBigPlanet GameChangers category in the Digital Media Learning Competition, has been accepted to run a project on Kickstarter!


Kickstarter is a grassroots investment site and Team KAIZEN is usuing it to drum up funds to pay for the tech demo of Shattered Soul, our 3D brawler. The tech demo is currently in development in Unreal 3 via the UDK program


Please visit to learn more! People can pledge anywhere from 1 dollar on up and there is a tiered reward system for investors, including the ability to have your likeness in Shattered Soul and more!


Please let me know what you think about our pitch on Kickstarter--we hope that people will see both our Shattered Soul tech demo and the LittleBigPlanet levels for HASTAC/MacArthur as part of Team KAIZEN's success story--a success story we want as many people to be a part of as possible!


Josh Hughes

Co-Founder // Lead Game Designer




Thanks Josh -- earlier you mentioned that Shattered Soul would be a martial arts brawler with advanced storytelling and moral introspection. The HASTAC audience might be interested in knowing more about those aspects of the game. In terms of the moral introspection...this seems connected to the work that Joseph Kahne is doing on civics engagement (here's a video of Civic Participation Online and Off). James Gee and Henry Jenkins are also two good people to follow if you're interested. Google away!



I'm certainly curious about how a game centered around manages to have meaningful moral introspection. Will be interested to see how you accomplish this.