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Recap of HASTAC/Franklin Humanities Institute reception for Dr. Allison Clark

Yesterday, I drove out to Duke for a HASTAC/Franklin Humanities Institute-sponsored reception for Dr. Allison Clark (Research Scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Distinguished HASTAC Scholar in Residence). A handful of students from the 2009-2010 cohort of HASTAC Scholars were in attendance as well, and it was a pleasure to hear what other digital media/digital humanities-interested individuals in the Triangle were working on. (I have a few Scholars I'm mentoring this year as well--Laura, Adam, and Matt--and they will be blogging and commenting about various projects for HASTAC throughout the year.) I had several great conversations with people about scholarly communication, Facebook (why do we accept or ignore friend requests?), Twitter (what's the point?), education (with Facebook and/or Twitter), and visualization (specifically, the AlloSphere project at UC-Santa Barbara).

One noteworthy series of events--which was new to me--is the Reading Group Series in preparation for Bruno Latour's residency at Duke this Spring. This series, organized by the UNC Institute for the Arts and Humanities, the Carolina Lectures in Critical Thought Series, and the Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke, is running in parallel on the UNC and Duke campuses. I missed the first session--such is life on a large campus with too many interesting opportunities--but am hoping to join in for the next few sessions. These sessions are open to faculty and graduate students on either campus, and given Latour's influence on my thinking and writing, I highly recommend this series.

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Great to meet you, Phillip.  We're hoping to bring more and more of the HASTAC Scholars and mentors together this year.   And thanks for also posting about the Latour Seminar.  He'll be here in the Spring, as you know already.  We look forward to your Scholars also posting on HASTAC.