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Learn more about "Unity" as a principle of design

Learn more about "Unity" as a principle of design

I created this short video to demonstrate to my students of “Design I” how to show the concept of “unity” in their works. Unity is one of the most important principles of design and many artists try to use it in their works. In this short video, I tried to illustrate a creative way to create unity, using the most basic elements of design, such as proximity, repetition, and placement. In each section of the video, the last frame is considered as a complete composition and the video of each section is showing a creative way of making them animated which leaves a durable impression of the design elements in the student’s mind. All characters are placed in the form of collages on the background and after photographing each frame, they were converted to an animation. Here is a link to the video:


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Maedeh, This is excellent!! I am going to share this with my students!! Thank you for sharing!! :o)