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Call for Eco-Critical DH

In preparation for an upcoming Eco-Critical DH THATCamp, co-created by Stewart Varner (UNC) and myself and sponsored by Duke's Digital Humanities Initiative and UNC Libraries' Research Hub, I'd like to open a conversation about the intersections of environmental justice and digital humanities. Is anyone working on Eco-Critical DH projects? Is anyone teaching Eco-Critical DH? I am compiling a list of resources and projects - which will most certainly be shared here - and need your help.

Please do add a comment below...and then register for our THATCamp!

(thank you!)

Find event details below, here on HASTAC, and on our website.

THATCamp Eco-Critical DH 2016 is a regional event, co-sponsored by the Duke Digital Humanities Initiative and UNC Libraries’ Research Hub, which will highlight the intersections of digital humanities and environmental justice.

Following recent efforts to ask DH to engage with social justice work, we believe there is a compelling opportunity for digital practice to engage environmental issues such as climate change, environmental justice, and new scales of thinking in the Anthropocene.

Environmental Humanities is a cross-disciplinary approach that brings together history, philosophy, cultural studies, art and literature, social theory, environmental science, energy and technology studies to offer new forms of critical representation and narratives of the relationship between humanity and ‘nature.’ A Digital Environmental Humanities embraces multimodal methods, and public-facing projects to do the same all the while being self-conscious of its own environmental impact.

Eco-Critical DH could be multiply conceived:

  • There are ways we can be more conscious of the socio-environmental impact of how we use technology

  • there are ways we can use our technologies to raise consciousness about global environmental justice issues

  • there are ways we can use our technologies and digital methods to respond to, and intervene in, current environmental conversations and problems

We invite participants interested in sharing projects and/or creating new ones around these themes to join us for a day of conversation, collaboration, and discovery.


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I realize this post is from a while back, but I just saw it and wanted to mention that Vanderbilt University's new DH Center has a working group we call "Sustainable DH" in which we are looking at a lot of these same issues. I've talked some about this in a post here at HASTAC. I look forward to hearing more about your work!