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Teaching/Reading Nick Sousanis' *Unflattening*

We are in the early stages of developing an Unflattening Portal on Scholarly Voices.  The portal is being designed for individuals teaching or reading Nick Sousanis' Unflattening.

The portal will include background information on individuals and concepts that Dr. Sousanis mentions in the book (e.g. Scheherazade). The portal will also include mini lessons (e.g. "Islamic Golden Age Mini-Lesson"), writing/discussion prompts (e.g. "Show It. Don't Sing It."), and other types of lesson plans. Concepts that are not directly mentioned, but which the book can help support will also be included (e.g. "Confirmation Bias"). We will also include specific lesson plans that faculty members are teaching (e.g. "Introduction to Narrative").

Discipline related resources will also be included. Currently, the discipline related sections reflect the courses I teach, but they are not to be a definitive list. We want to include similar sections for other disciplines as well but need faculty members with expertise in those disciplines to take the lead in developing them.

Materials included on the portal will be indexed by page number as well as in other sections. Our goal is to make the information as easy to find as possible.

A discussions section is also being created. Discussion topics can be suggested by any interested faculty member or student.

Finally, we are especially interested in publishing student work inspired by Dr. Sousanis' Unflattening. We are taking a broad interpretation of what it means to be inspired by Dr. Sousanis. For example, a student who chooses to do a final project as a comic can be considered to be inspired by Dr. Sousanis even if the content does not directly relate to his book (e.g. "Viking Trip to Vineland"). There is an index for student projects.

Finally, we can develop special pages for faculty members, promote sources who fund student research for the portal (e.g. Schoolcraft College Foundation), or other types of pages that we haven't even thought about yet.

If you are interested in helping develop the portal or have information to contribute, please contact me at

—Steven L. Berg, PhD


Creative Commons

Please note that text that appears on the Unflattening portal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License (CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0).




thank you for creating this - I'm really excited to see what students take from it, and more importantly where they go with their own explorations! - N