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Adderall and Education: A Solid Tag Team

When one hears the word "Adderall", a few things may go through their head. Those things could be negative, or those things could be positive. One may think of Adderall as an addictive substance, while another person may think of it as the savior of their degree.

Adderall, in general, is just a combination medication used to treat Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Insomnia. ADHD is when a person is unable to focus, is very overactive, and cannot control their behavior in public and even alone. These symptoms can affect a person individually or as a whole. Insomnia is simply a disease that makes individuals fall asleep or become drowsy at unscheduled times throughout the day. Both of these disorders can affect anyone, but ADHD usually treats itself as the person affected grows older.

Adderall is sometimes referred to as "The Study Drug". A drug you can take that helps you study. How does this not sound like a breakthrough? As the days go on, education is getting more and more difficult. In turn, the percentage of college dropouts and failing college students has increased significantly. Even the percentage of students not even applying to college has increased. These people are almost too scared to go to college or finish college. This could all change, though. As Claritin aids one's allergy problem, Adderall can aid one's study problem. For example, Billy takes Adderall recreationally when attending class and studying. One of his friends, Jimmy, enters the class he is in. Billy does not even notice him. The only thing he notices is that final exam in front of him that he spent all week studying for. If Billy did not take that Adderall, Jimmy would have broken his concentration and blocked him from getting the best possible grade he could have received on that exam. When someone is working on an exam, test, quiz, quest, and etc., concentration is everything at that moment in time. If Billy noticed Jimmy, gave him a smile, thought of the good times they have had or will have, thought about what they will do when they hang out after class, and etc., that is a whole two minutes Billy wasted just thinking, instead of cranking out that final exam that means everything to him. Those memories/thoughts could block his recollection of what he studied the night before, causing him to fail or not get the grade desired. If more college students were able to take Adderall for strictly school-related things, there could be a possible percentage decrease is college dropouts, and an increase in college graduates. When it comes to one's education, everything in that person's life gets sacrificed. In this day and age, a degree means your life, and Adderall can be one's only ticket onto the bus of the rest of their life.

The downfall of taking Adderall can actually be very serious, though. Adderall has been known to sieze one's appetite. If one cannot eat, how can one stay healthy? Adderall can also be very addictive. Many cigarette smokers are not even really addicted to the addictive nicotine chemical inside those cancer sticks, but the act of smoking alone. If someone took Adderall four to five times a day for years, this act could get very addictive. Just as a smoker gets addicted to the act of smoking, a recreational/prescribed Adderall user could get addicted to the act of ingesting a pill. For example, Sarah has to take allergy medication every day because she is allergic to the outside pollen. She cannot escape this because she lives in Florida, a state with nothing but warm weather. She has taken this medication for years now. She lost track because of how long she has taken it. She is now twenty years old and has grown out of her allergies to pollen. As she grew older, she may have lost her allergies, but along the way, she developed something new. This new thing is an addiction. Every day or years, Sarah took allergy medication. The act of putting that medicine in her mouth and swallowing it, is what gets her ready for the day. If someone takes Adderall every day for years, they could develop an addiction, not to the effects, but the act.

Adderall has its ups and downs, but none of the downs seem to affect one's education. Just one simple pill can aid millions of students in a better understanding of a subject. When it comes to education, nothing should be able to stand in the way of complete success.



I think you're essay on Adderall is thought-provoking, but I think you have undermined the serious and possibly deadly outcomes of becoming reliant on a drug.  Although doing well in school is something many, including myself, strive for, relying on a drug to achieve a higher grade on a test or to focus better while writing a paper can lead to long-term addiction.  There are many other ways in which one can improve their focus, and taking drugs should never be the answer to something that is not a medical disorder.

Additonally, as teenagers today continue to abuse drugs at a faster and younger rate than ever before, encouraging the use of even one more drug can be enough to set forth a drug overdose with serious consequences.  Adderall is not meant for recreational use that teenagers or young adults with no medical background administer themsevles, rather it is meant to treat diagnosed disorders and to be dispensed under the careful watch of one's physician.  Comparing the use of adderall to an allergy drug is an unequal comparison, as allergy medicine is much less harmful and does not contain the same addictive components.

While I appreciate the structure and clarity of your essay, I encourage you to seek much safer and healthier ways to increase academic success.  Getting more sleep at night, studying with a friend or classmate, asking for extended time on a test, or asking to be placed in a more private room during testing are all some ways I, or other's I have been in school with, have used in order to increase focus and success during exams.


It is really Adderall as essential as the oxygen to survive in the actual world? Can they put their education or even worse, their future in hands of a pill? I think you provided a good topic since drugs is a controversial topic, and much more interesting when it has to do with the education. The students who take that pill have to be aware that it is addictive as well as its dangerous secondary effects such as nervousness, headaches, stomach problems or even eventually lead to psychosis.

I think that taking this pills is like having a temporal intelligence and every person has to face the world with their natural abilities and not trying to demonstrate what they are not. I agree with Tova in the sense that exist many other natural ways to succeed academically and taking Adderall should not be an option if you want to succeed in the future. Sincerely, I have never heard of those kind of pills and as a college student I am surprised that many students have been basing their educational success in the use of this addictive pills.