From the Desk of...

"From the Desk of..." Collections of HASTAC Staff-created, curated content.

"From the Desk of..." is a collection of collections, each of which consists of posts from a particular member of HASTAC's leadership or staff. These Collections are curated by the content-authors themselves, allowing HASTAC staff a platform to showcase their work for the HASTAC community. Each Collection here is unique to the the particular work and interests of the staff member who created it.

Collection Content

From the Desk of HASTAC's Drupal Webmaster & Online Community strategist.

Collection / Technology, Networks & Sciences

From the Desk of Demos Orphanides

I'm the Drupal Webmaster & Online Community Strategist here at HASTAC and the Digital Media and Learning Competition Winner's hub. This is a Collection of some of my posts that have appeared on HASTAC. Here you can find some of my musing and ramblings, primarily about the things I do for and at work. Mainly I write about: how we interact and engage as a community, the design and architecture of our site, newly added and upcoming features, and my random thoughts on web-related things in general.

From the desk of the director of alternative & micro-credential research for HASTAC.

Collection / Teaching & Learning Practices

From the Desk of Sheryl Grant

I'm the Director of Social Networking for the Digital Media and Learning Competition (since 2008), and Director of Alternative and Micro-Credential Research for HASTAC (since 2013). I'm currently a Phd candidate at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's School of Information and Library Science, where my research focuses on value-driven design, digital badge and reputation systems, and technology-mediated social participation in learning contexts.

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