Collaborative Book Discussion of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work by Dr. Katina Rogers

Cover of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work by Katina L. Rogers

Over the past few months, I’ve had the honor of co-coordinating HASTAC Scholars’ collaborative book discussion on Putting the Humanities PhD to Work by Katina Rogers. This collaborative project began in September with an open call to current HASTAC Scholars seeking interest in reading and reviewing Rogers’ work. Over the following months, HASTAC Scholars engaged with Rogers’ work in several capacities - some selected chapters to review, some interviewed Dr. Rogers, and almost all contributed peer review feedback throughout the process.

As a graduate student and an adjunct, I relate deeply to the questions Rogers raises in  Putting the Humanities PhD to Work, particularly around how graduate students in the humanities are situated in the current academic landscape and what is to be done to confront the structural challenges in our institutions and to create broader access to opportunities for people in these fields. In this collection of chapter reviews, scholars discuss Rogers’ analysis and suggestions while sharing their own experiences of academic work. In reading the scholars’ submissions, I am deeply appreciative of the sharp insights and generative takeaways offered by this collaborative group.

In total, about a dozen HASTAC Scholars contributed to the HASTAC Scholars collaborative book review of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work. I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this project - (in alphabetical order) Olalekan Adepoju, Claudia Berger, Nicholas Bolet, Avery Blankenship, Galen Bunting, Courtney Dalton, Salwa Kazi, Sam Risak, J. Nalubega Ross, Ali Soken, Andy Stuhl, Inés Vañó García and Andy Fischer Wright - for their words and reflections, their generous feedback to one another, and their participation in this project.

Please RSVP now to join us on Friday, May 14th at 3pm EST for a Special Edition Digital Fridays. A few of the HASTAC Scholars who participated in this project will interview Dr. Katina Rogers. 


Shaun Lin

Co-Director, HASTAC Scholars


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