Alternative Pedagogies

Alternative Pedagogies

Learning the Future Together

HASTAC is a community of leading-edge teachers, scholars, and thinkers engaging with the future of learning -- in fact, our motto is "Learning the future together." We're always searching for new ways to engage students in and out of the classroom, to leverage new technologies in service of learning, and to explore new pedagogies. The posts below provide examples of how our members are innovating teaching and learning. 

How are you innovating?

Join in the conversation! Post on about your own explorations with teaching and learning, and start a dialogue with other teachers. Do you have a course syllabus that illustrates a new pedagogical idea? Send it to Hilary Culbertson, HASTAC Program Manager, at hilary [dot] culbertson [at] duke [dot] edu, and include a paragraph about how your class went (if you've already taught it), what you liked, what your students liked, and what you'd change.

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What is it sometimes like to teach/take a student centered course?

I created a short video "Welcome to Your New Semester" which, in a humorus way, addresses  teaching/taking a student centered course.  I plan to use it with my students who are participating in the #FutureEd initiative.  Feel free to use it with your own students.  It is only 1:32.

When watching the video, you can also picture yourself and Cathy N. Davidson in the starring roles.  Or it can be you and your students.

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