Call For Proposals: HASTAC 2016 Conference Hosting

Request for HASTAC 2016 Conference Hosting Proposals

Deadline: March 1, 2015

HASTAC 2015 Conference will be taking place at Michigan State University, May 27-30, 2015. We are now accepting proposals for the HASTAC 2016 Conference. If you are interested in hosting HASTAC 2016, please submit a proposal no later than March 1, 2015. 


Founded in 2002, HASTAC is an alliance of more than 13,000 humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists and technologists working together to change the way we teach and learn.

HASTAC has served as a free and open access community of connection where members share news, tools, research, insights, and projects to promote engaged learning for a global society. For more information about HASTAC, see


Previous conferences have taken place at Duke University in Durham, NC; University of California Humanities Research Institute (on the UCI campus) and UCLA: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign; a fourteen-site international virtual conference; University of Michigan; York University in Toronto, Canada; and at the Ministry of Culture in Lima, Peru. The conference usually attracts between 250-450 attendees from around the world. Attendees include professors, independent scholars, HASTAC Scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and professionals dedicated to using the open web to change the way we teach and learn.

Past Conference themes:

  • HASTAC 2007: inFORMATION Year
  • HASTAC 2008: Electronic Techtonics
  • HASTAC 2009: The Future of Learning
  • HASTAC 2010: Grand Challenges and Global Innovations
  • HASTAC 2011: Digital Scholarly Communication
  • HASTAC 2013: The Storm of Progress: New Horizons, New Narratives, New Codes
  • HASTAC 2014: Critical Makers in International Networks
  • HASTAC 2015: The Arts and Science of Digital Humanities

More detailed information about the conferences can be found on the website at:


The information included in the proposal documents should fully reflect your institutions’ capabilities, while staying true to HASTAC mission and being considerate of the existing HASTAC community. It is important to keep in mind that we hope this community continues to grow in terms of numbers and diversity in all of its expressions.

In addition to the name, contact details and affiliation of the person(s) responsible for the proposal, your proposal documents should include:

  • Expression of interest
  • Conference theme
  • Venue
  • Dates
  • Budget
  • Marketing plan
  • Paper review process and schedule (systems available)
  • Tentative planning schedule
  • Hotel availability and costs
  • Proposed conference registration fee and fee structure

Things that might be touched on in the proposal include:

  • How the location of the conference helps with the HASTAC goal of being more inclusive, international community, and how the conference will be of benefit to the local community
  • Local institutions that might be able to provide various types of support, including details of what this support might be
  • Local and regional activities and organizations that have missions similar to HASTAC
  • If known, other conferences, celebrations, or other cultural events scheduled in your region for dates your are proposing
  • Visa policy and process, and restrictions on any countries for the issuing of visas
  • Cost and modes of transportation to get your location


Proposal should be submitted through Qualtrics as a PDF at the following location:

Questions? Please email