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2010 DMLC LittleBigPlanet Winners Working With Kids

           Hello everyone! Josh from Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company and Team KAIZEN here! Happy Holidays! As many of you know, in 2010 we won a grant from HASTAC and The MacArthur Foundation to develop educational levels for the mega-hit PlayStation 3 game LittleBigPlanet 2 ( Those levels went live earlier this year and are among the 5+ million user created levels that are free to play and make up the LittleBigPlanet Community.

Due to this, we were asked by Montana's Office of Public Instruction (OPI) to give a presentation in Helena earlier this year. Among those in attendance were members of Great Falls Public Schools and Sunnyside Elementary. They spoke with us afterwards and we decided to meet up again once we all got back to Great Falls.

This resulted in the forming of a test group of 8 students (4 boys, 4 girls and ranging in grades 4-6) that are GFPS's first LittleBigPlanet Club! These kids are currently learning how to create in LittleBigPlanet 2 for 2 days of the week. Another 3rd day is dedicated to researching topics both within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and History so the kids can split into 2 team (each comprising of 2 girls and 2 boys). Each of these teams is going to build 1 level with what they've learned and present the levels live at the 2012 STEM Expo here in Great Falls this coming April.

KRTV did a great story on our project, you can see the video at

We're very excited to be teaming up with GFPS and Sunnyside on this project. We feel one of the best ways for educational content and games to come together is through games like LittleBigPlanet that support user-created content. It's been a crazy start--the kids are jumping in with both feet and researching their topics ways most kids hate to do, because they're not doing it for a book report anymore they're looking for inspiration for their LittleBigPlanet projects!

If you get a chance check out the KRTV story and let us know what you think! Also, if you're in the Great Falls area consider stopping by the 2012 STEM Expo to see the kids' work alongside all sorts of other presentations on how STEM affects our lives in work, play and learning!

Thanks and Happy Holidays again :-)


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