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What a crazy year!

Well, we're 1 month away from our the end of our 1 year contract with HASTAC to build LittleBigPlanet levels--it's been a crazy ride (that has potentially hooked us up with even more work even!) and we're excited about all the doors our work with HASTAC has opened --both educational and non-educational--! We hope to have our HASTAC pack launched on the PlayStation Network (free to play by all of course) before the start of the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3---technically E3 is June 7th through the 9th but we're boarding a plane on the 4th so it'll be before then!). To hold everyone over until then, check out the attached video of our pack in action! Here you see roughly 20-30% of the content that will be in the final pack (not to mention, NONE of the platforming segments are shown as they weren't far enough along when we recorded the footage).


Hope you enjoy!




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So great to see this, Josh -- I hope you'll blog about E3 for those of us who can't make it. And we look forward to hearing what your next game-based learning projects will include. Congratulations to your whole team!