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Great Falls Tribune story and E3


Check it out! The Great Falls Tribune did a story on us!


Also, Team KAIZEN is going to E3! If you are available this coming Saturday, the 12th, why not join us at Knott's Berry Farm for our unofficial Pre-E3 Knott's Berry Farm Raid Party! Let's hit some coasters!


Also, you better believe we'll be camping out for the Sony PS Blog E3 Meetup! When Sony uses a picture of you and your brother (I'm the baldy ;-) ) you better bet that means you have a camping out rep to hold up!


People have already messaged me about being featured in that post and asked what time is good to show up at Ciudad--I'd say start anywhere from like 11 AM to 1 PM----last year we had room in the top 100 almost up until the party, but this year I wouldn't rest on that---camping out for a few hours is MORE than worth going to Sony's Press Conference---trust me last year it was and this year looks to be EPIC!


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