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Hello everyone! Sorry for the annoying headline, but I never get to type 'F1RST' (mostly because I think it's rude when commenting on someone's post) and this seemed like the only time I'd get to type it without feeling guilty!


So anyways, my name is Josh Hughes, I am Co-Founder and Lead Game Designer of Team KAIZEN ( and President of Add-A-Tudez Entertainment Company ( --owners of Team KAIZEN) --and I am also one of the LittleBigPlanet winners in the Digital Media Learning Competition's Game Changers category--fresh off of a trip to New York where all the winners got the super star treatment at the Games 4 Change festival ;-) ---one of my local news agencies, KFBB, did a cool story on our win!!


So anyways--check me out on FaceBook and Twitter--always glad to meet more people--especially those who share my passion for games, game development and LBP!



Josh Hughes



Hi, Josh,  So sorry i wasn't able to meet you in New York.   I hope you have a fantastic year with KAIZEN.  Congratulations on your success with a great project.   Best,  Cathy Davidson


Nice to meet you, Josh! I laughed at your title :) Wish I had a chance to meet all of you in New York, but we'll get to know each other during the year through various channels. Thanks for posting your Twitter and Facebook info. @dmlcomp and @hastac will be following you! And congrats, not only on your award, but your KFBB coverage, too. Take care -- Sheryl


Thank you for your kind words Cathy and Sheryl!!!!!!! Glad to be here!


And no problem on posting the Twitter and Facebook info--in today's world you CAN'T network enough!