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HASTAC V Conference Proceedings - Available for Your Viewing Pleasure

HASTAC V Conference Proceedings - Available for Your Viewing Pleasure

HASTAC V Conference Proceedings: Digital Scholarly Communication


I began this project several weeks ago with the question: What exactly are ‘digital conference proceedings’? In this day and age there is almost always some imprint left behind from a conference (or any other kind of event) in the digital landscape, but what made this HASTAC conference different was that it was not only preserved in new media and digital formats, it also took place IN these same formats. What I mean by this is that while talks, poster sessions, round-tables, etc. were taking place and being recorded in traditional ways, there was also simultaneous live blogging, twittering, and general internet activity creating an entirely different stratosphere of rich digital material associated with, but separate from, the conference.


The goal of the HASTAC V conference proceedings was to preserve all of the different types of activity and to organize it in such a way that each layer was integrated with the others and so that the entire project made sense even to those who did not actively participate. The ultimate hope is that through this digital archive the conference itself will have a second life and will continue to produce conversation and cutting edge thinking.


How well did this succeed? See for yourself. The proceedings are now available at I will admit that there are theoretical and format-based issues that were never completely worked out. So, in that sense, this project is inherently flawed—but it is also fairly unique. Digital conference proceedings will become more and more commonplace. Perhaps at some point the format will become regularized (as the last generation of print conference proceedings often were) but I, for one, hope that the way that a conference gets preserved in the digital realm remains highly unique and reflects the individual character that helped to make a conference successful in the first place.


University of Michigan - Digital Humanities Lab (Fiona Barnett)





The link to the proceedings takes me to a file not found page!


Hi Brandy - Thanks for pointing out the error! I just fixed the link so you should be able to access the proceedings now.