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Curating Digital Conference Proceedings - Help Wanted!!!

Curating Digital Conference Proceedings - Help Wanted!!!

What exactly are ‘digital conference proceedings’? What is the best way to go about organizing and presenting a new media conference—i.e. not only a conference that is ON new media, but one that takes place IN new media?


I have been given the job of ‘curating’ the materials that came out of December’s HASTAC V conference. This is a challenging task. We are all familiar with the typical format of conference proceedings—a print collection of talks and keynote addresses, with perhaps a few images, graphs, and hyperlinks thrown in. But what about a conference like HASTAC V in which arguably the most important records of the proceedings take the form of blogs, tweets, online discussions, etc.?  


As I am just beginning this project, I don’t have all the answers yet (and maybe I won't ever have them). This is a work in progress, and as such I welcome and solicit any and all comments and suggestions.


You can find the beginnings of my project at:



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