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Put Yourself on the Map!


First, thank you to everyone who has already taken the time to look over the ?Resources and Models? bibliography for ?The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age? project. Please keep in mind that this is a constantly evolving document (entries are constantly being added and revised) and that we welcome any and all comments and contributions.

In an effort to make the bibliography more interactive we have created a map view of all the schools, institutions, and organizations highlighted in the bibliography. Check it out. Make sure that you scroll through the list of highilghted institutions on the left side of the map and zoom in on specific parts of the world?some of the examples are too close together to be visible in the larger views.

If you notice that your institution, or one that you know about, is missing from the map, please login and use the comment tool on the ?Resources and Models? page to let us know!


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