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Sherry Turkle on 'On Being'

Sherry Turkle on 'On Being'

I'm sure many people here, given our shared interests, have heard of Sherry Turkle. She's Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT, founder and director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, and author of books like Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other. This morning, she appeared on the NPR show On Being, discussing how we can "choose between letting technology shape us and shaping it towards human purposes"—though the discussion isn't framed in terms of the digital humanities, I think Turkle and Tippett are really engaging with the humanities part of DH here. I found it a really fascinating discussion, in part because of how I recognised some of my own experiences here (Facebook can make me nervous, too, because of its performative aspects and the social expectations which it seems to impose) and in part because of the differences (I think my jaw dropped when Turkle said how many emails she receives in a single day).

You can download a podcast of the broadcast interview here (mp3, 51:09), or a longer unedited interview here (mp3, 88:00). also has a page here which links to related discussions and further reading.

I'd love to hear the thoughts which you guys have about this—about how we can live an examined digital life as an underpinning to our work as digital humanists. How does technology empower us, and how does it impoverish us?


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