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Wow- the Hockey Hall of Fame has an educator page.... but The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library does not

My Zotero library is growing by leaps and bounds.  I stumbled upon the Presidential Libraries and Museums, and was quite impressed by the variety and breadth of their resources (except for the Reagan Library, which had nothing).  The libraries are affiliated with the National Archives, and the NA page has links to educational resources about the Presidential Libraries and Museums.  The Teachers' Resources provided by the National Archives has an exciting tool called "DocsTeach," which the banner reads "Bring history to life for your students."  As I search, I am placing more value on sites that offer primary sources and documents, which are such a key part of the new standards and assessments.  Students of all levels and ages are required to read primary documents, and many of the sites offer lesson plans specific to this skill.  Today, for my two hours plus of searching (from the end of the Saints/ 49ers game to now the middle of the third quarter of the Giants/ Seattle game), I have opened up my search to all sorts of possiblilities- the National Football Hall of Fame has teacher activity guides, Graceland has nothing, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does.  I have the goal of dedicating 10 more hours this week to the search, and then start the laborious process of annotating, tagging, and evaluating the sites.  I will review my readings from the first part of my syllabus and develop a working criteria for evaluation.  My ideas for the website I will evenutally build have modified based on my expeirence of what I've found.  I also feel that I will be developing a conversation with the teachers who will use my website, so the search might be less formal.  Not sure, but because there isn't a rigid format to the educator resource links, I don't know if a rigid search format will be most effective.  As for the development of my WordPress blog, that was a total fail.  I was excited about the possibility of the youtube instructional videos, but was stalled when I had to purchase a hosting plan.  Until I know what I'm doing, I don't want to invest in a 36 month option (if I wanted the 3.99 price on BlueHost).  This week I also have to finalize my poster presentation for the NJEDge conference on November 21st. 


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