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Building resources and connections

So today I've finalized my HASTAC account, sent Prof. Koh a friend request, joined some groups, and subscribed to Prof. Koh's groups.   I then set up a Twitter account, Willi180RSC.  I started following Prof. Koh and Deb Gussman, as well as posts regarding education, technology and museums.  As I was developing my project for Deb Gussman's Research Methods class, I acknowledged the political motivation for the creation of this educator website.  There are so many new expectations and legislation for teachers, and by following accounts such as Diane Ravitch, HuffPostEducation, and STEM Education, I will be abreast of the latest information concerning education.  The technology accounts will help my area of biggest need- technology.  Although I am quite proficient at some elements of technology- internet searching, online databases, social media- I am not up to date on the latest technology.  I am especially excited about Girls Who Code, who describe themselves as people "who work to inspire and equip young women" to work in the computing fields.  My motivations for this project are motivated by my desire to improve education, but also to empower women- since teaching is a female dominated field.  The final group of resources I found focuses on museums- such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and New York Times Art.  As far as rating the tools I've been working on, I must acknowledge my limited skills at actually creating blogs and creating posts.  I'm very good at seeking the information, and using that information, but actually posting it, not so much.  For example, I don't even know how to make a new paragraph on this post.  This week I have explored DHQuarterly and next week I am going to reread Ed Folsom "Database as Genre:  The Epic Transformation of Archives" and Jesse James Garrett's "The Elements of User Experience." 


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