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4chan Article Published: "The House That Fox Built: Anonymous, Spectacle and Cycles of Amplification"


A pre-proof version of my article "The House That Fox Built: Anonymous, Spectacle and Cycles of Amplification," which was accepted for publication by Television and New Media, is available on UO's scholar's bank. Link to the .pdf here!


This article focuses on 4chan’s /b/ board, a—if not the—pillar of online trolling activity. In addition to chronicling the history of the site, as well as the emergence of the nebulous collective known as Anonymous, the article considers the ways in which early media representations of and subsequent reactions to trolling behaviors on /b/ helped create and sustain an increasingly influential subculture. Echoing Stanley Cohen’s analysis of moral panics, the article goes on to postulate that trolls and mainstream media outlets, specifically Fox News, are locked in a cybernetic feedback loop predicted upon spectacle; each camp amplifies and builds upon the other’s reactions, thus entering into an unintended but highly synergistic congress.


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