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More Trolling Fun

Over the last few days I've been working on revising (well, re-re-re-revising) my 4chan chapter -- I've been tinkering with my argument for years, in fact this was the project I started with when I first decided (insanely) that I wanted to write about trolls. My entire academic life is contained within those early drafts, now that I think of it, since with each (ahem failed) draft I was forced to reassess, and subsequently retrofit, my methodological (and intellectual, and interpersonal) approach to the material. Anyway, here are a few snippets from that work, cross-posted from my blog -- although I wrote this section last, here's a bit on why I chose my three primary case studies (Jenkem, Over 9000 Penises, Fox 11's News Report on Anonymous), and here are the case studies themselves, Jenkem in two sections, including the theoretical overview of the project, Fox 11's infamous News Report, and finally Over 9000 Penises

And the standard warning -- trolling behaviors, trolling humor, trolling EVERYTHING is often highly, and sometimes shockingly, offensive. There is no way to present a sanitized overview of what trolls do. I've gotten used to this (oh man have I ever, THE THINGS I'VE SEEN), but this sort of stuff if beyond most (normal) people's pale. So just be warned, this might not be SFW. Or SFL, depending on the person. 


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