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Wesley's Introduction

Greetings from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I'm a 2nd year PhD student in English concentrating in composition and applied linguistics.

My research interests include ecological approaches to writing, 21st century literacies, identity construction, and linguistic landscape. For example, one pilot study I am currently conducting investigates the linguistic landscape of a multilingual college student's Facebook page. Another study investigates the ways in which multilingual college student writers construct their identities on Facebook. Although both of these small studies deal with Facebook, I am more broadly interested in how students navigate between digital and physical environments.

Our students are writing, maybe not always in US academic English or in a US academic rhetoric, but many of them are developing/adhering to creative rhetorical strategies through texting, posting, tweeting, etc. that suit their real life needs. Like many other writing teachers, I am interested in researching more about the structures and functions of these 21st century literacies and understanding how they might impact academic writing. 

I look forward to reading more about everyone else's research and hopefully doing some collaboration.

Let's connect soon.


Twitter: @WesleyGDunning (just registered today)


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