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As my first blog entry, I thought I might try a low-stakes post that was recommended in the handbook.

Simply put, I am going to a graduate student conference in Chicago co-sponsored by Northwestern Universty and the University of Chicago. I wanted to see if anyone was going, wanted to go or if anyone in the area and wanted to chat or meet up for coffee/drinks/food? 

Hopefully when I get back in later October, I will provide a debriefing on the conference!

If anyone if curious, I appended the description below:

Over the past decade, the diversity, reach and influence of games have expanded to new heights. Between the ever-mounting profits of the mainstream video game industry, the explosion of “casual” and mobile games, and the emergence of independent game development, gaming culture has witnessed a rapid proliferation of new voices, genres, demographics, and markets worldwide. Beyond the sphere of game development, games and play have become dominant metaphors for understanding culture. From the high-stakes gambling of the stock market to the computerized virtualization of warfare, from the calculated rhetorics of politics to the networked exigencies of modern entrepreneurship, our social vocabulary has become increasingly saturated with ludic reference points. At the same time, we have witnessed a new faith in the power of games and play to enact systemic change, with designers such as Jane McGonigal proposing gamified solutions to political problems, and such organizations as the Chicago-based Game Changer Lab and Chicago Quest charter school developing game-based models for social outreach and education.


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