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Contribute to a wiki dedicated to comics scholarship and pedagogy

Dear Graphic, Visual & Multi-modal Storytelling group,


Hey there - my name is Vanessa Chang and I'm a current HASTAC scholar. I'm a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University, where I coordinate the Graphic Narrative Project, a research workshop dedicated to the study of graphic narratives of all forms. I'm also a comics fan, and have been since my youth.

I'm writing with an invitation - one of my HASTAC working groups is dedicated to comics. So, we've decided to build a wiki to serve as something of a teaching and learning resource. We're creating a bibliography for comics scholarship and pedagogy, and are planning to include a variety of other resources as well, including syllabi and lesson plans. 

As such - I'd like to invite members of this group to contribute to our project, with the hope that we can create something of a knowledge base that will help to generate discussion, scholarship and teaching in the field. We are using a wiki so that this resource can continue to grow with community input. If you have syllabi, sources, lesson plans or other resources that you'd like to contribute to our project, please get in touch!




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Hey Vanessa!

Welcome on board - good to see you here. 

If I haven't shared with you already, i built a wiki for my comics classes, which has a lot of things you're looking for on the links pg: