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Emerging - another introduction.

Hey all,

It's a pleasure to join everyone here at HASTAC, and exciting to hear about your interests, research and budding projects. I've spent time in the past year lurking and getting a sense of this community, which promises some excellent boundary-pushing and creative thinking, particularly in the field of the digital humanities, but also others. And so, I'm jumping aboard as a scholar this year to ramp up my own participation

A little about me: I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Modern Thought & Literature program at Stanford, where my interdisciplinary research often seeks to engage questions around textuality, embodiment and technology. Though my work encompasses several forms of media, spanning contemporary literature, visual studies, sound studies and critical and cultural theory, my current research is motivated by the central question: How have new media and technologies reshaped and been reshaped by our embodiments? My interdisciplinary dissertation uses gesture as a nexus to explore the impact of new media technologies on human movement, creativity, expression and communication. Considering gestures as inscription and of inscription, this project maps transformations in the gestural from analog to digital forms of media. Each chapter traces the evolution of a particular mode of gesture (writing, drawing, performing, music production) from analog to digital media. Merging multiple discourses and forms of media, through this project I seek to map human embodiment in an era defined by digital technologies that have long been understood as disembodying. At the moment, I don't use digital tools in my own research, but I approach thinking about the effect of digital culture on ourselves, our subjectivities, our embodiments, the way we are in the world.

I am also the coordinator of the Graphic Narrative Project, a Stanford Humanities Center Geballe Research Workshop, which has brought a slew of artists and scholars to Stanford to discuss the many iterations of graphic narrative – comics, animation, woodcut novels, manga, and so on. I am also working on an outgrowth of this project, an online, open-access journal called Emanata, for which I am a Managing Editor. In this respect, I'm interested in what hastac has to offer in thinking about digital platforms for publishing, open-access, making scholarly work widely available, and so on.

Here at hastac, I hope to initiate conversations about the interplay of our bodies and our digital technologies, across various media, but particularly in sound studies & animation. Looking forward to working and thinking with you all.


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>>>How have new media and technologies reshaped and been reshaped by our embodiments?

This is such an interesting question and dovetails with some of my interests in zine communities, who use physical texts and meet in physical spaces through the assistance of several digital tools. The Graphic Narrative Project sounds like such an ideal interdisciplinary project, too, and an important site for observing some of your theories and work in action. Looking forward to hearing more.