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Ouida Ware's Review of SL PolPres

Full words are so very retro. Sampled art in context. Loved the movie. My own clumsy movements don't match Gene's grace, but that is to be expected from a stranger in a strange land who has to be taught how to cross the street. I got caught in the walls a few times, fell to earth rather too rapidly. However, I got to jump through time portals and to visit a hotel whose strange combination of presence and absence left me unstable, seeking ways to understand what is real, Real, and REAL! Oh, the sink doesn't turn on. The person in the bed doesn't mind if I jump on her. But ouch--I just ran into someone's else's avatar! Focusing in on the photos in the gallery makes me long for the Real, superpixelated eyeball version. The intentionality of looking includes gesture. In some ways this is a more visceral experience than wandering a RL gallery would be. Wandering the hotel makes me want to redecorate all my real and virtual spaces. Maybe with a sample of the wallpaper?

Some of the audience members were quite well-behaved (including myself, till I got up to stretch during the q/a). One participant's body glitter was interrupting my view. I was underdressed in my tie-dye, I noted, wishing for moment that I'd "primped" for the occasion.

The neighborhood is so very expensive. I may try to become a squatter for a time, see if some wealthy patron takes me (and my artwork?) in. And I thought leaving San Francisco would solve all my real estate problems!


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