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Computers & Writing 2012 - Roundtable on "Hacking the Classroom" (Sunday, May 20)

Computers & Writing 2012 - Roundtable on "Hacking the Classroom" (Sunday, May 20)

I'm really excited to participate in a roundtable of lightning talks on the topic of hacking the higher ed classroom at this year's Computers and Writing Conference held at North Carolina State University. Moderated by Jentery Sayers (a HASTAC Scholar for many years, he's now professor at University of Victoria, and continues to be an active part of the HASTAC community), the roundtable includes scholars from different universities and levels. I'm truly honored to be part of such an amazing group of scholars! 

The description of the roundtable is as follows:

Hacking the Classroom: A Roundtable of Lightning Talks

Session Time: Sunday Session I, May 20, 9:00 - 10:15 am

With hacking in mind, these panelists (who hail from disparate institutions, levels, and disciplines) will briefly engage the following questions: “Why does the higher ed classroom need to be hacked, and how might we hack it?” They will also provide particular examples of their own hacking practices, or their aspirations to hack the classroom at their respective institutions, while addressing some obstacles, enthusiasms, and curiosities encountered along the way.

  • Virginia Kuhn, 
  • Jim Brown, 
  • Liz Losh, 
  • Vicki Callahan, 
  • Mary Hocks, 
    Georgia State
  • Aimee Knight , 
    St. Joseph's
  • Melanie Yergeau, 
    University of Michigan
  • Craig Dietrich, 
  • Viola Lasmana, 
  • Jentery Sayers MODERATOR, 
    University of Victoria

For my lightning talk, I plan on approaching hacking the higher ed classroom from the perspective of someone who is currently a grad student/learner and who will start teaching freshman composition this Fall. I plan on focusing on the idea of assemblage in relation to imperfect knowledge and multimodal forms of composing. I'm still working on the slides at this time of writing, but will post a link to it in the next day or two!




Thanks Viola! It looks like an excellent group and I wish I could be there to see y'all!

What's the Twitter #hashtag for this conference? Is it #cwcon? 


Hey Fiona -- good question! Yes, the hashtag for this conference is #cwcon.