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Day of DH

It is now March 18th, and I will be blogging on my Day(s) of DH here tomorrow and over the next few days. Follow a Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities here: @DayofDH; hashtag for related tweets is #dayofdh

As a follow-up to a previous post, I am interested in exploring a couple of questions that have resonances with me (both on a personal and on a more academic level).

The first one has to do with memory: what does memory, remembering, and forgetting mean in the digital age? What happens to the digital traces we leave when we navigate the digital world, and does this actually facilitate a kind of hyper-remembrance, or perhaps the opposite (forgetting)? When I lost a loved one, I went through periods of time where I would frantically do Google searches for his name, just to see what comes up, as though that would make him more present in his absence. What this means, I'm not quite sure, and I'm continually trying to find ways to think about this, perhaps as my own way of working through the struggle. 

The other question is broader and has to do, perhaps, with what digital humanities mean or designate. What kinds of challenges have you faced when "doing" digital humanities, and have you resolved them or come to a resolution? Any funny/interesting anecdotes related to these challenges that you'd care to share? 

If you have any suggestions on improving the questions, or if you'd like to attack a different question, that would be great too! I thought it would be a fun, shared experience to approach and discuss a question or two together on the Day of DH, March 18th. 


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