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The Introduction to the Misadventures of an Awkward Grad Student

One day in a chilly college town known as Ann Arbor a loan first year PhD sat down to introduce herself to the HASTAC community once again. This is her story . . .

Greetings all, as it was stated I am entering my first year as a PhD student in Communication Studies at the University of Michigan and my fourth year as a HASTAC scholar. I have truly enjoyed participating in the community and I can’t wait to start posting and commenting with even more fervency in this my senior year. Currently I’m working on a First Year Project which focuses on Black web series on YouTube (specifically “Awkward Black Girl”) as a site for revolutionary postmodern portrayals of blackness that combat the portrayals of Black identity seen in mainstream media. In addition, I will examine how Black female creators of media content use YouTube as a platform to make space for their own subjectivity. In conjunction with the analysis of the creators of this content it is also important to discuss how these series help the perceived audience, young Black women, create their own subjectivity through identification with these series. Over the year I plan to use my blog as a space to write about not only conferences, events, and news but to garner feedback about this burgeoning research topic.

Some of my other research interests (and topics of past blog posts) include but are not limited to:

·         Convergence culture and the creation of, and interaction with, multimedia texts

o   Also complicating the definition of author, text, and individual/public

o   Complicating the relationship between medium and content in the hypermedia era

·         The ways in which reality and mockumentary television influence the construction of subjective reality and social media usage

o   Reflections on the applications of modernism in the postmodern era i.e. hypermodernity and simulacra

·         Chess, paranoia, and gaming in texts i.e. relating the figure of the chess player in culture to theories on gaming and academic research

o   Examining chess in the 21st century (Twitter Chess, Choose Your Own Adventure Chess)

Stay tuned for more posts to come sometime later this week and follow me on Twitter (@Violafaithe90) for periods of feast and famine when it comes to my tweets.



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