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New Year, New HASTAC Intro.

For the third year I am writing my introductory post to the HASTAC Community. In keeping with the first day back style, I am writing a short overview of what I did over the summer and a preview of what I plan to do over the next year.


So, first things first, this summer I did an internship at the University of Iowa working in the Library & Information Science Department under the tutelage of Dr. Andre Brock. It was a great opportunity and during this time I was able to delve more into the intersection of race and technology through readings and research. To conclude the work that I did with Dr. Brock, I presented a poster titled “Stuff Natural Girls Say: The Formulation of Online Communities”. I now have an interest in the creation of niche and/or racialized communities using online spaces and the ways in which these communities gain popularity and visibility in offline spaces despite their size and segmentation.


This year I will try to revisit some of my summer research through my blog posts while also writing about some of my current projects. These include but are not limited to:

  • The creation of a hypertext version of Vladimir Nabokov’s unfinished final manuscript The Original of Laura
  • Research on the ways in which social media and television influence subjectivity (the creation of self) and the relationships that we have with others by drawing parallels between reality television, Facebook & Twitter, and mockumentary television.
  • Anecdotes about interning in my college library including musings on 21st Century Libraries and preserving cultural heritage and archives


I will also continue to write about my main subject matter i.e. chess, conferences, and books. As a senior in college there might also be some reflections on higher education and the process of taking one’s Digital Humanities affiliation and applying it to graduate school and/or the professional world. Overall my blog will be a lot musings about the academic life and times of Faithe Day. I am looking forward to another year and I hope that you enjoy my posts as I am sure that I will enjoy yours.


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