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Twitter Literature

Today is World Poetry Day so I decided to share my thoughts on an article that I read a few days ago in The New York Times. The article, titled “The Rise of Twitter Poetry: How do I love Thee? Count 140 characters” , discusses the rise in popularity of “twitterature” and “twaiku’s”. For me, it’s always fun to hear about the new ways that technology is influencing the way we write and communicate, so this was an especially interesting find. At the same time, this new form of writing has re-introduced the ever present question of “What is Literature?”, as well as “What is Good Literature?”, (though the word “good” and the implied authority of the recipient of these questions can also take us down a complicated path). What I liked most about the article was that it gave grounds for the importance of this type of literature by stating that it can be seen in the same way that any form of poetry is seen. Like a haiku or a sonnet there is a certain structure that one must stay within, and the 140 character limit of Twitter creates that same structure for these short works. In the end, it is always exciting to see the ways that newer methods of communication are influencing writing.

I also thought I would try my hand at these ‘twaiku’s”, so here goes:

 Roaming the shelves/My minds intuition/Nurturing and supporting/My academic ambitions/Don't take yourself too seriously

I think this is the start of something great.


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