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Stephanie Vie's introduction for FSDW

Hi all, I'm excited to participate in the Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop! I'm Stephanie Vie, an Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. You can follow me on Twitter (@digirhet) and check out my work at

I'm currently working on a manuscript, tentatively titled Literate Acts in Social Networking Sites. It's an extension of my 2007 dissertation research, in which I did a qualitative study of faculty and students related to their uses of and attitudes toward social networking. Well, a lot has changed in that landscape since 2007, so I'm checking back in with my participants (as many as I can) to see how things are different with regard to privacy settings, audience, posting habits, and so on. As part of this study, one of my chapters examines the technological constraints in social networking sites and I use the gender options in sites like Facebook and Google+ as examples of how users are often constrained by the technologies within which they compose their profiles. This will likely be the piece I ask others to take a look at in this workshop.

Looking forward to working with you all!


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Hi Stephanie,

Welcome to FSDW! We met at the Games SIG at CCCC, and I am also doing some work on gender and social media use, although in different areas of use, so I look forward to learning more about your project!