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Spring 2007 Colloquia in Conceptual Studies: Interactivities

Spring 2007 Colloquia

Hi everyone:
The Spring 2007 Colloquia in Conceptual Studies is well underway this semester with a diverse group of theorists/historians/artists participating. Please check out the line-up, which is listed below.    For more information regarding Conceptual Studies, a theory/practice program at UW-Milwaukee, see our blog:
The blog includes posts by our undergraduate and graduate students on the colloquia events.

February 2, 2-5pm, CRT 175
Perry Hoberman, installation and media artist, Interactive Media, School of Cinematic Arts, USC and Anne Friedberg, Professor of Critical Studies in the School of Cinematic Arts, USC
Title: "Critical Parallax: the Binocularity of Theory and Practice."

February 23, 2-5 pm, CRT 175
Laura Marks, Dena Wosk University Professor, Art and Cultural Studies, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University
Title: "Travels of the Abstract Line: New Media's Debt to Islamic Aesthetics."

March 2, 2-5 pm, CRT 175
Liz Phillips, College of Art & Design, SUNY/Purchase, interactive audio artist and Paula Rabinowitz, Professor of English, American Studies, Cultural Studies, and Women's Studies, University of Minnesota
Title: "Tuning/Interacting/Collaborating."

March 30, 2-5 pm, CRT 175
George Lewis, Edwin H. Case Professor of Music, Columbia University
Title: "Living with Creative Machines"

April 6, 2-5, CRT 175
Susana Ruiz, Interactive Media, School of Cinematic Arts, USC
Title: ?Merging Gravity and Play: A Case Study?

April 27, 2-5 pm, CRT 175
Norah Zuniga Shaw, Director, Dance and Technology, Dance Department, The Ohio State University and Luc Vanier, Department of Dance, UWM.
Title: ?The Body and Technology in Process: Devising Generative Methods of Exchange?

May 11, 2-5, CRT 175
Toni Dove: Interactive digital video and installation artist
Title: ?Spectropia: Haunting the Movie?


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